This collection of work looks slightly disjointed from the other pages when presented in black-and-white. Fuck. Logos should first work in a single, solid color, anyway. After that, they'll work in any color.

I worked in print advertising and design in New York and much of what was involved was collaborating on good copy, weaving in text and image. Advertising is terribly evil and manipulative. That probably sounds worse than I intend, but the creative work is satisfying, especially when you're able to see your efforts national magazines like Good Housekeeping, Redbook, and Cosmopolitan. The shop I worked with, Momentum, worked locally and nationally. It was loud and rambuctious. I loved the boss. He was business-minded, promoted good work-principles, didn't keep track of vacation days, and was always quick with a quip.

Me: “I was thinking—”
Boss: “No, you weren’t.”

We made a lot of ads, logos, typos, websites, and print things for housing developers, credit unions, hospitals, and the beauty industry. Eventually I left to go back to college— this time to teach. That was a a lot of years, good-bad project ideas, and student evaluations ago. I've been teaching (and making things) since.

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