‘Brave New Pulp.’ This is the tagline for the niche publisher, Montag Press. Montag take its name from the protagonist in Ray Bradbury’s novel, Fahrenheit 451. In communicating with the publisher, the publisher discusses his mission of telling new stories. This a brand value I can get behind and want to be a part of.

In designing jackets, I try to let the story dictate the direction of the art. What are the stories' themes, genres. What time-frame or fictional world do the stories take place in. What is the tone-of-voice of the story? Following this, I try to make sure there is a good marriage of typography and graphics to the story, there is good visual hierarchy, and the type can be read from down the aisle or as a 100 pixel tall image.

Oh, hey. I have one of these doohickeys for my effort. It was for the book Stay, a wonderfully-written collection of short stories centered around the town of Oakland and the baseball team, the Oakland Athletics— two things I love about the East Bay. Well, loved. The A’s are likely moving to Vegas. Fuck ’em.